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PNW first Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament gets 23 entries

Lats night at GameClucks, Ultra Street Fighter IV was the featured event for Thursday Night Fights ( With more then thirty people in attendance the biweekly event, the game of choice was Ultra!
Twenty four people entered the event, which started at about 9pm, after a teams exhibition event ended. With the game having only been out for a couple of days, no one is an expert at the new changes, so fierce fighting ensued.

With Duggish and Scha on the microphone most of the night, commentating for the live stream (, Deniz (Loz) organized the bracket and ran the event with masterful skill, as usual.

The final results were as follows:
1st: Finelikewine49
2nd: Riki-Oh
3rd: tLoz|Kaleo
4th: m1nica
5th: SRKUW|Fawwaz, Dickson
7th: Hokage Dean, Serpent
9th: SRKUW|Kpop, BitQ, NeoGAF|Shouta, Flip 4K
13th: tLoz|Duggish, VDon, jalapNo, Dave O
17th: Scha, Shawne0, Shorjewken, Atoms, Banks, SHOGUNDo, joeyclassic, ShredApart

This weekend at GameBreakerz, is the first FGC Monthly event to feature Ultra. Event details can be found at

The GameClucks monthly event, the PNW largest monthly FGC event is on June 14th, details at

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