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PNM to use renewable energy

Time for Energy Changes
Time for Energy Changes
014 by Leila Fa

PNM, the largest utility company in New Mexico, is ready to move on its plan to utilize renewable energy. This new plan comes after much debate on PNM's initial energy procurement plan.

The goal will be to provide 80 megawatts of solar power (that's enough for 26,000 homes) by offering incentives to homeowners who install solar upgrades along with PNM's offer to install solar plants throughout New Mexico.

Cathy Garber, a PNM spokesperson told The Durango Herald, "We decided it was in our best interest and everyone's best interest to try and come to an agreement that worked for everyone."

With so many New Mexicans interested in solar power, PNM's first plan actually limited incentives to customers who invested in solar panels and this plan improves renewable energy sources and their amounts.

Beyond that, many solar panel production companies have burst into Albuquerque in and around various areas near the city, PNM's decision to change their ideals on energy incentives comes as a welcome relief to most environmentalists and green businesses.

Government officials in Santa Fe, including Governor Richardson's administration have pushed to advertise New Mexico as a state with clean energy and a green economy.

While PNM's plan has just be submitted to the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission, according to spokesperson Garber, "we have high hopes." New rules say that six percent of energy provided by utility companies in New Mexico must be renewable including solar or wind power. That six percent will increase to ten percent in the year 2011 and up to twenty percent by year 2020.


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