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PMS Symptom Smoothie Cure: Chocolate Banana Smoothie

So you were asked on a date. You're excited and already thinking about the outfit and perfect pair of heels to where. You go to your calendar to insert the day and time of your date, but you realize you also have another schedule date... one that seems to schedule you in every month. What date is that? It's your period.

PMS Symptoms
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There are two days that a woman never wants to have her period on... first dates and her wedding date. Good grief Charlie Brown.

So what is a girl to do? Canceling the date is out of the question. You've been waiting for this date. Instead of your period ruining your date night with pain and discomfort, you can help reduce your PMS Symptoms with a chocolate banana smoothie. Yes, a chocolate banana smoothie will do the trick.

It's wise to have a healthy smoothie than eating your favorite desserts and skipping your date to have quality time with a heating pad and your couch. All you'll end up doing is making yourself feel more exhausted and bloated.

With a chocolate banana smoothie, you'll not only satisfy any sugar cravings you may experience but you will also reduce unpleasant PMS Symptoms.

How should you make your chocolate banana smoothie? You should use greek yogurt, chocolate soy milk, spinach, avocado and some type of nut (if you're not allergic to nuts). The chocolate soy milk will provide you plenty of calcium. Calcium is known for reduce PMS Symptoms. The spinach will offer your body a good source of B vitamins ( riboflavin and thiamine) to give you energy. The banana and the nuts will give you the magnesium you need to reduce bloating, cramps and constipation.

Best of all this chocolate banana smoothie is only 375 calories. Happy dating! Feel better before, during and after your period. Your period does not have to control your life or dating schedule.

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