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Plymouth's Beantown Pet Expo highlights local pet retailers

The Beantown Pet Expo in Plymouth, Mass. was a successful event due in part to the many local pet retailers that set up booths to bring awareness to their products.

Pet Expo
Nicole Adams (Examiner)
Beantown Pet Expo in Plymouth, MA.
Nicole Adams (Examiner)

With many pet guardians looking to buy local and wanting to know the source of their pet's products, local pet retailers are in higher demand. The smaller “mom and pop” stores, once viewed as a thing of the past, are beginning to crop up and outdo the national chain pet stores. As more and more news stories follow the tainted ingredients coming out of China, and the many recalls of well-known pet food and treats, pet guardians everywhere are searching for safe, high quality pet merchandise.

Finding products, such as food, treats, skin care, flea and tick preventatives or cleaning solutions, that are organic, holistic, non-gmo, made in the U.S.A. or derived from natural, local-sourced ingredients, can be almost impossible. Enter local retailers such as Winnie Wear Collars, The Dog Paddle, Oma's Pride, Odor Gone, Handmade Pet Company, Emilie's Homemade Dog Food, Bare Naked Dog Bakery, Atobiko, Alpha Tech Pet and Acadia Antlers.

Winnie Wear Collars, located in Billerica, Mass., sells custom handmade dog collars and leashes. The Dog Paddle, located in Bourne, Mass., is a holistic pet health food store, dog training business and grooming salon. Oma's Pride, located in Avon, Conn., is a family owned and operated business selling raw pet food, freeze-dried product lines, and locally sourced ingredients.

Odor Gone, located in Plymouth, Mass., offers cruelty-free, chemical-free, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products safe for humans and pets. Handmade Pet Company, located in New Hampshire, sells pet accessories and toys made in the U.S.A. Emilie's Homemade Dog Food, located in York, Maine, makes homemade dog food from human-grade whole foods.

Bare Naked Dog Bakery, located in Billerica, Mass., makes USDA organic dog treats using ingredients from the U.S.A., most of which are sourced locally. Atobiko, located in southern New Hampshire, is a family owned business manufacturing organic dog products using human-grade ingredients. Alpha Pet Tech, located in Littleton, Mass., offers a line of pet cleaning supplies that are safe for humans, pets and the environment. Acadia Antlers, located in Maine, sells naturally-shed moose antlers as dog chews.

The Beantown Pet Expo featured all of these pet retailers, opening the door to help expand their business and contribute to high-quality pet care. For more information on any of these retailers, please visit the Beantown Pet Expo vendor list for accompanying links to business websites or Facebook pages.

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