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Pluto -- Planet of Transformation

The importance of Pluto in the natal chart can actually cover three even four articles. In traditional interpretation it is considered the planet of destruction, stands for death, obsession, even annihilation. Thankfully it takes anywhere from 12 to 31 years to make it through a sign and around 280 years to visit the entire zodiac. Because it spends so many years in a sign (in forward and retrograde motion), it would be better to look at it briefly through the houses as I did for Neptune. I consider Pluto to be the planet of transformation and can affect the houses in the following ways:

Pluto in House I: The energy is intense and ever reinventing itself. There is quite a bit of intuition and the person could very well be psychic. A healthy lifestyle is most important.

Pluto in House II: There is a strong drive to acquire wealth, and will always find additional resources to fortify finances especially if career setbacks plague and occur often.

Pluto in House III: Deep desire to uncover things will give them an extremely curious nature and an ability to research a topic thoroughly. One on one communication with those surrounding will be intense and sometimes secretive.

Pluto in House IV: Home, heritage, and background is important. If circumstances cause the person to pick up and move, a new home is easily set up for this expert in regeneration. Whether tent or castle, it’s home.

Pluto in House V: Extremes – an all or nothing attitude prevails in areas involving recreation, romance and children in your care. Can be obsessive with loved ones who may not appreciate that kind of pressure.

Pluto in House VI: Can be what’s considered a workaholic who places self and family below profession, which contradicts the health nut aspect. Therapy disciplines such as Reiki and yoga are interests.

Pluto in House VII: Not the best place for Pluto in the house of marriage and partnerships, because of the explosive nature of the planet, often looks for the weaknesses in another in order to use it against them in the future.

Pluto in House VIII: Intense! Physically, psychically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually with very generative healing abilities as well as an affinity to bring out latent talents others have no idea that they have. Regenerative health properties.

Pluto in House IX: Insatiable thirst for knowledge, whether it be history, religion, reincarnation, the occult, medicine and areas dealing with life and death, ancient civilizations and rituals, as well as archaeology.

Pluto in House X: Image — especially professional or social — is important. Beware of power struggles — not everyone thinks like you do. If there is a career downslide, there is the strength to climb back up.

Pluto in House XI: Loyal through and through to your friends however try not to mold them in any way. You want their friendship to be lasting. Intense drive to change certain elements of society.

Pluto in House XII: Twelve is the house of ends as well as self undoing. Underlying rage is hard to keep hidden. May have clandestine affairs that you fight hard to keep secret. May have psychic or healing abilities.

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