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Plus-size model's memoir: How fashion and body image intersect for Crystal Renn

A plus-size model's memoir in a tell-all book chronicles her life from that of a bone thin woman who was miserable to one becoming happier with a healthier body image.

As The Spreadit reports Aug. 18, Crystal Renn was an aspiring young model in the beginning of her career, going through her share of anorexia and obsessing about body image endlessly. She overcame the obstacles of living the life of a typical fashion model in today's world to a successful plus-size model and she shares that in her memoir.

Renn spoke with U.K.'s The Telegraph about her book, "Hungry." The 28-year-old model has worked for high-end labels like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, Jean Paul Gautier and Jimmy Choo. Renn isn't interested in just being a model, she wants to her "creative" side into "design, photography, acting, styling, travel and directing," as well.

Here's what the plus-size model's objective was in writing her tell-all book:

"I wanted people to question preconceived notions about what it means to be beautiful and the dangerous lengths some are willing to go to attain this. I know I used to have warped thinking but I changed and I wanted to help others change too."

Renn heard long ago when she began her modeling career, that if she wanted to be a recognized name in the fashion industry, she'd have to lose more weight -- up to 42 percent of her own body weight. She had to gain back 70 pounds to be a healthier version of herself. She's now a size 12 (U.S.) and is extremely popular. Renn is most certainly more relatable than the fashion models seen in the majority of glam magazines.

Renn's tip for young women who look up to her as a role model:

"You are the new generation! Be strong and carry the torch. Don't judge others, and think of yourselves as unique beings with gifts and talents to spread out into the world. So go, do it! Make our future brighter, it is up to you."

The plus-size model's memoir is sure to serve as a guiding principle for a lot of women out there in terms of possessing a healthy, happy body image.

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