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Plus Model Panel Discussion to air on Access 21

Plus Model T. Marlene
Plus Model T. Marlene
Claude Studios photography

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being part of a panel discussion on View Points with Michele, an Access 21 show. The discussion was about "Phat Fashion vs the American Girl Next Door". On the panel was myself, host Michele, Todd Albaum - owner of Scarlett Plus Boutique and Anthony Simons - director of Charlotte Fashion Week.

Mr. Simons was able to share his experience with producing fashion shows where thin models were the preference. As he stated, "to show buyers what the piece would look like on a hanger". Mr. Albaum's perspective came from his client base being the plus size woman and knowing that "she wants to see someone that looks like her wearing the clothes." My take was from being a plus size model from size 26 to a 16 and now back up to possibly even a size 20 due to pregnancy weight gain. I spoke of how I, myself, got more work as I got down closer to the 16. I also mentioned how people tend to think plus models are encouraging unhealthy lifestyles. Michele, also doing plus size modeling, touched on the fact that the average woman in the U.S. is a size 14 and not the size 0 or 2 we see on the runway.

Overall, it was a great discussion. Definitely a conversation that's being had all over with recent retouched photos of not only celebrities but also of plus models like Crystal Renn. The show doesn't air until September, stay tuned and check your local listings!

For more info: Carolina Access 21