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Plunge is Perfection at The Gansevoort


Alexandra at Plunge 

 Imagine a massive rooftop deck with swaying palm trees, majestic cabanas, an immaculate pool, and Caribbean beats simmering in the background. Looking over the edge all that is seen is the beautiful Atlantic. The waves are small yet noticeable, and there is a faint lightning storm off in the distance. Sounds like a dream, but it is Plunge at the Gansevoort. This rooftop bar is absolute perfection.

Walk into the Gansevoort South and take the elevator directly to the top floor. Once exiting the elevator your jaw will drop all the way to your Louboutins. The beautiful rooftop lounge is filled with excitement and flavor! The fun doesn't stop there. This event is the exclusive "True Live Inn", hosted by Presidente Beer. The crowd is filled with beautiful people amongst Miami Heat Players and Heat Dancers. Who would have thought that Beer could be such a hit in South Beach? Beer in SoBe is like finding Speidi at Harvard Business School.

Alexandra with Heat Player Udonis Hasslem 

The rooftop, known for its sexy soirees, has been turned into a Calypso Party with amazing drinks, and even better appetizers. No one really drinks beer in South Beach so lets cut to the chase. Certainly take a Plunge Shot. I am not going to explain what's in it, just do it. Your welcome. The Mojitos are also to die for! The perfect amount of sugar and mint, but also with added blueberries. Their other concoctions have elite juices and herbs, such as Oprah's weight loss secret; Acai. And that sure did work for Oprah, or not. 


 Now as a reminder, this was a VIP event, so there is not much to say on service or price of drinks, however, when looking at the menu, it was evident that this is a pricey lounge, so expect to be late on your monthly payments because your going to have to be peeled away from this gorgeous establishment. Ladies, you can forget the store wide sale at Sak's next month if you keep rolling with this column.

Prices aside, the ambiance is elegant and exotic. No other lounge can beat this view. To be honest, one could be served Ketchup and Olives, have it called a Bloody Mary, and not notice a thing due to the fabulous atmosphere. Wear your highest heels, your Chloe Clutch, and dress to impress (Heidi Klum does frequent this lounge, so beware of the cameras as no one would want to be caught dead in a picture with that German Goddess). Auf Wiedersehen!