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Plumpton Park Zoo to reopen under new management

Peacock spreading his feathers at the Plumpton Park Zoo in Cecil County, Maryland.
Peacock spreading his feathers at the Plumpton Park Zoo in Cecil County, Maryland.
K. Thomas

Pet lovers in the Cecil County, Maryland area will be excited to hear that the Plumpton Park Zoo plans to reopen under new management in the fall of 2010.

Many Cecil County residents and visitors from the surrounding area have spent a good deal of time exploring the Plumpton Park Zoo in Rising Sun, Maryland and were saddened by Mr. Plumstead's decision to close down the zoo during the summer of 2010. The zoo, which is a rescue facility that was open to the public to enjoy and explore, closed when Mr. Plumstead, the owner, visited the zoo after returning to Maryland from a stay in Florida, and was not happy with what he saw.

Original reports stated that the zoo would close and the rescue animals that have become special friends for many children in the area would be relocated to other rescue situations. However, a couple from New Jersey stepped in to buy the zoo. They plan to reopen the zoo and are considering an expansion.  Many of the animals that local children are attached to are still in the zoo. Several local residents are anxious to see if their favorites are there.

"We loved seeing the peacocks. They were so beautiful,' said Pam Clark, a local parent who visited the zoo several times with her family.

Residents who would like to help the zoo reopen can make donations on the zoo site at


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    It sickens me every time I read an article like this that portrays the owners Mr plumstead and sam conner as innocent people that "came back and didnt like what he saw". They were more them aware of the problems in fact were the cause of it all and would not spend the money to fix the place up until it ment the public would find out about everything. I was a former employee of the zoo and worked tirelessly to try and work thru the problems to help the only ones that really mattered and that was the animals!! They were the ones suffering and not because of the care but because the owners were to busy playing house in flordia and spending donations for the animals on fine dining and a new car. They would be told of the problems on a daily basis but would brush it off. Many times I as well as other employees would spend money out of our own pay checks to get even the basic needs such as fruit and medicine so the animals could eat and stay healthy. Never again will I support Mr plumstead or sam conner who both hide behind the little old men image. In reality they are two of the darkest people I have ever known and I hope that one day they will never be able to run a place like the plumpton park zoo again because in the end the only ones that suffer are the animals.

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