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PlugInsights director puts Tesla Model S to the test on cross-country tour

The car required 100 recharges during its 12,184-mile journey.
The car required 100 recharges during its 12,184-mile journey.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Norman Hajjar, managing director of PlugInsights (the research division for the electric vehicle software analytics company Recargo) has completed an "electrifying" 12,184-mile cross-country tour behind the wheel of a stock Tesla S model car. While most people, however, would expect a more direct route, Hajjar's journey ended up being more roundabout as he had to keep to areas when he could recharge the vehicle when necessary. This meant traveling through Washington and Oregon before traversing the length of California before heading east to Maine by way of Wyoming and South Dakota. He then headed south to Florida, before driving to north again to Pennsylvania, finally retracing his western route back to the company’s headquarters in Venice, CA. To accomplish his mission, Hajjar said he drove 14-16 hours a day for just over three weeks. Had there been more fast-charging stations along the way, he might have even made it sooner. As it was, Norman charged a total of 91 times. He used 59 different Superchargers a total of 86 times, once every 120-130 miles according to his estimate.

"I'd just keep driving until I got drowsy, and then I'd pull off the road," Hajjar reported. "Sometimes that would be at 3 am, so there was no point in getting a hotel room."

Note: According to a spokesman for Recargo, the journey was " meant to symbolize what's currently possible with America's EV infrastructure and (drawing on the findings of last year's inaugural PlugInsights report) emphasize the need for a better-developed public fast charging infrastructure." He also stated that this campaign involved no affiliation between Tesla and Recargo.