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Plies makes tribute song for Trayvon Martin

There are numerous backstories behind the murder of Trayvon Martin that make for critical debate in our country and world wide. This story, indeed has international appeal and impact. After taking a few weeks to understand the facts (as they have been presented via reports and the media), I recorded a video response to the Trayvon Martin situation and how our nation and various communities have responded. In my video, I criticized the "hip hop community" for not taking a stand and being in the forefront of the national response.

Trayvon Martin

A few days later, Florida MC, Plies released a song in tribute to Trayvon Martin and his family. He puts his money where his mouth is as all proceeds will go towards the Martin family.

At this point, it doesn't matter if the song is hot or not, it's a tribute. It doesn't matter what Plies raps about in other songs; this song is a tribute. It's the first of his kind, and he and his team are to be commended for doing so.

I would love to see a group of top MCs get together to do a collaboration with serious substance and create a movement using hip hop to continue national dialogue after the hoopla dies down.


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