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Plenty of variety in new Christmas music for 2009

There are plenty of albums that have become Christmas classics over the years. Artists like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Burl Ives have become the very essence of our consciousness during the Christmas season. However, there are a few artists that are looking to lend a hand to this year's experience, and they range the entire spectrum of American music.

So, you thought this never would happen? Well, guess what. Bob Dylan is slated to release a brand new Christmas album this year. The album has some solid reviews with it, so it is definitely worth listening to. Maybe you would rather feel more down home this Season but still enjoy the legends. Well, how about the brand new album by Charlie Daniels that features a Bluegrass Christmas? And for the teenage crowd we have the new Christmas album by David Archuletta. Sounds like a balanced Christmas.

Christmas music is definitely a cherished factor of Christmas. So, no matter who you have in your CD player from Bing, to Satchmo, to Frank, or even the Boss, enjoy the tunes. Let them transport you mind and soul to that special place where good Christmas music takes you at that time of year. Look for these and other new releases at your local music shop.