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Plenty of Freaks

Plenty of Freaks
Plenty of Freaks
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I decided to swim into a new dating pool and try out Plenty of Fish a week ago. The name says it all – they're plenty of fish in the world, so engaging in a new medium of dating seemed legit. As I made my profile, I was very honest and straightforward with the characteristics I'm seeking as well as the type of person I am – honest, intense, genuine and extremely intuitive.

After floating around dating websites and experiencing various, strange encounters, I think I have a tight grasp on the dating scene, what I want and bring to the table and really how freaky other human beings are. Telling someone on a first date how n'sync you're with each other and how you've never felt this way about someone within the first hour is sweet and all, but four days later expressing that because you aren't familiar with what kosher means and that Sex & the City is a degrading show and written poorly, is absolutely ridiculous.

Word to the wise for people trying to come up for air in this outrageous, exhausting sea of online dating; take your time and refrain from drinking when getting to know someone. I recently decided to put the booze to a halt and observe others behaviors without a little kick. I realized, wow, people are not who they say they are and don't really have a sense of reality. Working in the casting industry, I get to dissect and analyze all different types of personalities and place certain fits accordingly, so I would think I have a pretty good indication of how a person operates, conducts themselves and behaves in a social setting.

As I navigate through the sea of freaks and meet all different types of people, I know I am not what everyone is looking for. That's totally fine – just handle the 'letdown' in a mature way. Walking out on the bill in a dramatic fashion is not a good look. Take that sour ass look upon your face somewhere else, because my island doesn't have room for that.