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Plenty of chances for a very Happy Hour at Gyu Kaku Pasadena

The calamari.
The calamari.

Stop looking at that clock. If you can't wait for happy hour and think you only have a few minutes to down glass after glass of your beloved brew then you're in for a surprise. There are places in Pasadena where you're given plenty of chances for a good time. Happy hour at Gyu Kaku in Pasadena has yakiniku dining, good food, cheap beer, and a great atmosphere readily available not only when they are, but when you are. Get ready to bring your grillmaster, come hungry, ready to drink plenty, and please make your reservations early.

The Happy Hour Menu at Gyu Kaku Pasadena

Happy Hour:

- All Day Monday

- Tuesday to Thursday- 11:30am to 6:30pm

- Tuesday to Saturday- 9pm to last call

- Friday and Saturday- 10pm to last call

And their menu:

- 99cent beer, $2.95 and up BBQ meats, and 50% off appetizers

Choose from the many unique and equally delicious appetizers. The ahi poke and tuna pancake are a must-try, as well as their delicious tofu nuggets and crispy calamari. And the meats, yes, the meats. For a few dollars you get a serving of marinated proteins that serve two purposes: to please the hungry stomach and on a budget wallet. The harami skirt steak, kalbi chuck, and garlic shrimp are a delicious way to start. But since happy hour is limited, order more at a time. The servers do get too busy to visit more often. You can also end the night with s'mores. Understandable that anyone can do this on their own stove tops, but nothing beats this sweet dessert right after an assault of savory meats and alcohol. Besides it's better shared with friends right after the slight or many addition of beer or sake in the system.

So when you're on a budget and think you can't make it to happy hour, don't worry. Gyu Kaku gives you plenty of chances to make it up. A perfect place indeed for the time-conscious, budget-conscious, and maybe the figure conscious as well. We'll take grilled vs fried anytime.

Gyu Kaku is at 70 W Green St Pasadena CA 91105. T: (626)405-4842. They accept major credit cards. And reservations are a must for happy hour (this is not just a suggestion, waiting will take an hour or more if you don't make one).


  • Minda2190 5 years ago

    You also have another topic. Wow! I haven't been to this one but I also can't stay out as late, kids and all. So it's good to know they have more than just the usual after work or late night happy hours. Monday is perfect for me. Thanks for the tip.

  • Minda2190 5 years ago

    Oh by the way, you really take good pictures. The ahi picture makes it look like it's stylized. Keep it up lady!

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