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Pleiadian Portal to open on May 17 - meditation encouraged at specific time

I heard today via a friend about this occurrence in a few days on Saturday that will allow much more Light to come onto the planet soon. The primary information is in the attached youtube, so you are invited to view the youtube above.

The time of the Pleiadian Portal opening on Saturday the 17th will be in the morning, here in the United States. It will be at 5:11PM Central European summer time, and 4:11PM BST in London. This will mean 11:11AM EDT, New York time, 10:11AM CDT in Chicago, 9:11AM Central (Denver) Time, and 8:11AM PDT in L.A. You're encouraged to meditate at these times, according to the time zones you're in. And as for the significance of this event, I invite you to view the youtube entitled: The Pleiadian Portal - May 17th 2014.

To our Health, Wealth, and Smooth Transition into More Light and Love, Maria Dancing Heart

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