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Pleasure Principle picks up on Zana Bayne's lust for leather


The world of blogging has exploded over the last 5 years, this is no secret. We now have networks like Independent Fashion Bloggers running major panels of high-profile bloggers, 13-year-old prodigies attending New York Fashion Week, and bloggers left and right are collaborating with emerging, cutting-edge brands and designers.

A piece from Zana Bayne x Pleasure Principle
Pleasure Principle

One blogger stands out from the masses because of her fierce individual style, stunning photogenic lifestyle, and DIY-turned-pro ambition.

Zana Bayne, along with her blog, Garbage Dress, have been in the blogging scene for nearly 10 years -- and to anyone who believes that blogging is merely a self-indulgent time-waster, prepare to be humbled. I asked Ms. Bayne for a few minutes of her time to discuss her collaboration with the New-York based line Pleasure Principle. Being a longtime fangirl of both Zana and her blog, I had to sneak in some off-topic questions -- the answers of which I'd been longing to hear!

Lindsay Ginn: I have followed you from Harputs Market in San Francisco to Berlin and back - not to mention several stints in NYC... Any top secret plans for your next big move?

Zana Bayne: I feel very grounded here in New York, and don't think I will be relocating anytime soon! I lived in San Francisco for about 7 years, and finished my Bachelor's degree there, so moving on was a natural progression. I knew that Berlin would be a temporary residence due to work, visa, and language issues, but I also moved to Berlin knowing that New York would be next. I am at home with the quick pace of life here, and am grateful to be surrounded by so many motivated young people. Some say that its a very competitive city, but I find it equally supportive.

LG: You once said, "I wear my shoes." How do you feel about those who keep their beloved designer pieces pristine or without wear - waste of a good shoe, or are they simply protecting a piece of art?

ZB: Shoes are such an individual thing...and I respect and admire those who are capable of keeping theirs in immaculate shape. I, on the other hand, not only wear all of my shoes like sneakers, but I also walk hard or "stomp" (so I've been told). I tend to gravitate towards ankle boots with heavier heels for this reason, seeing that I've successfully snapped two heels and broken a sandal's sole in half due to my walking habits.

LG: You've been blogging since you were 13. How has this shaped your artistic and/or professional life?

ZB: Well when I was doing my initial blogging on LiveJournal, I was posting photos of what I was wearing on fashion communities, so through that I grew a thick skin for rude critique; but I also developed a sense of a greater global fashion network. I started my blog "Garbage Dress" in June 2008 when I was 19 and by then I was working at Harputs Market and doing some fashion-based traveling, so that was a draw for people to start paying attention to what I was doing. My relationship with LURVE Magazine was born through online networking, and I have also met some of the most incredibly creative people through having a blog. My blog has acted as a natural way to promote my business and the business of friends whose work I support as well.

LG: You recently nailed a collaboration with Pleasure Principle. What was your inspiration for your contribution? Can we expect a continued relationship with the brand?

ZB: I knew Pleasure Principle for years through working Harputs, so when I moved to New York we finally met. It was kind of a natural collaboration. Obviously I am a huge fan of their aesthetic, and I think my leather work taps into the harder, slightly darker side of their line. We have two great collaborative pieces for FW10 - a harness and a dress.

LG: Why leather? What draws you to it, as opposed to other materials?

ZB: Leather is sexy. It has a history of being used for basic function as well as for fetish. It's also incredibly durable and sculptural. I fell into working with leather by accident, but I have now become enamored with it!

LG: Are there any new or independent designers that really stand out to you right now? What's your favorite "look" for the upcoming season?

ZB: I have recently been following the work of Hungarian designer Kata Szegedi, and have been obsessed with my friend Chris Habana's jewelry. As far as higher profile small designers, I am hanging on the every move of Mark Fast, can't wait to see what is next by Nicolas Andreas Taralis, and am always moved by the unexpected stories told by Rozalb De Mura. I really can't pinpoint what I'm looking forward to the most, but I'll know it when I see it!

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