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Pleasure Island rebuild ramping up

Pleasure Island is getting a new walkway along this waterfront
Pleasure Island is getting a new walkway along this waterfront
palindrome6996, Flickr

Work is ramping up on Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World. Disney intends to turn the underutilized, and poorly aligned, Island into The Landing.

To make way for this project, Disney has torn down most of the Pleasure Island nightclub complexes.

Among the things being done are the addition of a West Parking lot that will replace surface parking lots H, I, J, and K. A new parking lot will also be built on the East Side.

Other work is happening in addition to the parking garage structures.

Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant is gone—thankfully. As a frequent Disney diner, this Examiner can report that the restaurant was one of the poorest food choices on the Walt Disney World site.

Pleasure Island, a nightclub complex, was sandwiched in the middle of two shopping districts; the Village Marketplace and The West Side. The nightclub complex functioned as an effective barrier between these two shopping districts. A causeway bridge will soon connect the two with the need to walk through the old Pleasure Island site.

A bridge will be added from the Saratoga Hotel complex to connect it to the Village Market Place.

The House of Blues Restaurant is expanding to include a walk up barbeques location. This will be a great guest pleasing, and moneymaking, addition.

Other additions include a Starbucks location and enhancements to the currently skimpy backstage areas. A direct off ramp from Interstate 4 into the parking structures is also rumored.

All these changes and additions will, Disney thinks, make Pleasure Island a destination for local shoppers and a more enticing shopping experience for tourists. It is yet again proof that the Disney Company will do whatever it has to do to make an area succeed, even if that means tearing it down and starting over.

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