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Please think again before getting a pet rabbit for Easter

Rabbits are cute, inquisitive and cuddly, but raising a bunny is a long term commitment and not the best choice for an Easter present.
Rabbits are cute, inquisitive and cuddly, but raising a bunny is a long term commitment and not the best choice for an Easter present.
Duane Sedlock

It’s Easter and getting a bunny for a pet sounds like a great holiday gift for the children but it probably isn't. Best advice is not to do it on a whim, unless giving some serious thought of what is involved in raising a rabbit. Sure they can be cute and cuddly, but rabbits need a lot of attention and loving. They are not a toy that gets played with for a while and then discarded.

It’s unfortunate, but many of those cute little bunnies get neglected and quickly forgotten about. Then they lead an unhappy life something no animal should have to endure. Some people get tired of their rabbit and release it into the wild where its’ demise is almost imminent.

Having a bunny as a pet can be a wonderful experience but one needs to make a serious commitment. Rabbits need proper nutrition, proper housing and plenty of exercise. The life span of a healthy rabbit could easily be 7-10 years.

There are many different breeds of bunnies giving them different looks and different personalities. They are highly intelligent and can be trained to do tricks, like jumping, climbing carpeted stairs and even being litter box trained. Some can be housed outdoors while others are strictly indoor pets.

A good diet consists of leafy greens, quality timothy hay, a minimal amount of timothy pellets and an occasional carrot. And they do love to chew; on furniture, carpeting, your clothing and on electrical cords. Bunnies will eat house plants if in reach and even eat newspapers and magazines.

Some like to watch TV and lay next to you on the floor. Most like different types of toys. Some will push balls around keeping them busy and giving you some good laughs. Most rabbits enjoy being petted but not all bunnies like to be held!

Rabbits should be spayed or neutered. This can help control unruly behavior and reduce the chance of tumors being formed in the reproductive tract and help avoid unwanted pregnancies. Also, rabbits are considered an exotic animal and vet visits can be costlier than a dog or a cat.

If you do decide to get a pet bunny there are other options besides a pet store. There are also breeders or you could consider animal rescues and adoption services.

For more information on everything rabbit, visit one of the following fine websites: House Rabbit Society, My House Rabbit,, Pet Web Site and Busy Bunny.

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