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Please not again

Willford Patrick

By a show of hands how many people have an idea about how any military action by the U.S. in Iraq is going to end up. Here is a quick analogy. The U.S. and maybe a couple of allies do some quick strikes, the bad guys change clothes go underground and hide out for a few years. Everybody leaves, the bad guys change clothes come out of hiding and go back to doing the same thing. The Sunni`s and the Shiites have been fighting for a "long" time. Their conflict is religious and is very personal. Meanwhile, the small gains that have been made in our country in unemployment, the financial sector, and small business recovery, among many other issues will slowly be blow out of the window.

And we are not talking about significant gains either, this administration has not exactly lit the economy on fire,to put it mildly. Military action is not done for free. It is costing the country right now to have warships on alert in the Persian Gulf. Not to mention the soldiers that were already sent to Iraq to help guard the U.S. Embassy. Our dilemma in Iraq is a clearly financial one. But the financial gains are only for a few, namely government contractors and the politicians with ties to them, i.e. Haliburton. Dick Cheney can testify to the royalties that can be had by having another war with Iraq. But for the rest of us, another liberation of Iraq will more than likely result in paying even more at the pump really soon.