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Please don’t purchase real bunnies, we can help!

Well, New York Doll Collectors, Easter is late this year, but it’s almost around the corner. But, I want to interject with a heartbreaking story. I read an article called “Jump in Abandoned Bunnies Alarms Advocates as Easter Nears," by Jenna O’Donnell; That families are buying bunny rabbits, and then later, after finding out that they are too much work, these cute domestic animals are let loose in the parks of New York City.

Candy Princess
Courtesy of Madame Alexander
"more has to be done to discourage families from choosing Bunnies for Easter for their children; not knowing the hard work that goes into caring for these sweet animals."
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

As these bunnies are not like the wild cottontails we see in the wild or residential areas, these domestic bunnies, die, as they are not able to handle the elements; And as the article mentions, these domestic bunnies are also very vulnerable to predators.

In the article, the writer goes onto mention that there has been an increase in rescues by the Animal Care & Control of New York City. But more has to be done to discourage families from choosing bunnies as a gift for their children at Easter time; not knowing the hard work that goes into caring for these sweet little animals.

So, I want to say to New York Doll Collectors, please, if you have a family member or friend, who is looking to purchase a real bunny for their children, direct them to toys and of course dolls! We would like to recommend Madame Alexander’s My First Baby Bunny Love 12” Baby Doll. She’s cute, cuddly and says “hop hop hop”! when you squeeze her hand.

Or stir them to Little & Big Nut Brown Hare, from New York’s Pattycake Doll Company. A little hare and big hare, with the soft and plush looking fur, is a wonderful bunny to have.

Check out our gallery, for wonderful dolls to choose from. Dolls would be the best route to go! Go on New York Doll collectors, you know exactly how to express how awesome dolls are, particularly as gifts for children.

Happy Doll Day and Easter Shopping!

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