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Plaza site seeing leads to heroic measures

Country Club Plaza shoppers look on
Country Club Plaza shoppers look on
Photo by Melody Gentry

Thousands of holiday shoppers and tourists gather every year at the Country Club Plaza to take part in the ambiance during the busiest shopping month of the year. Hundreds of patrons flooded the streets after Black Friday to experience the sights and sounds of the season. Family and friends freely roam about, exchanging laughs, stories and intermittent expressions of glee.

Interlaced within the excitement and fun can also lie moments of mayhem that sometimes ensue where crowds and large animals are involved. This picture was taken when a horse, drawing one of the many carriage taxis, rebelled from instruction briefly by moving backward into the carriage behind it and that carriage into the automobile behind it. As the onlookers gasped, one individual (Cynthia Black) stepped out of the crowd to gain trust of the confused animal and gently lead it forward again. While no one was injured, the crowd (and the passengers most assuredly) got more of a holiday experience than they bargained for.

Sadly, incidents like these are rare but always possible within the right set of circumstances. While they are generally minor, it is still unsettling - and unfortunate that this is not the first witnessed over the years. The worst part is, they can generally be avoided. Please remember the basic rules of courtesy while being a patron during the holidays to avoid situations like this one. Animals spook and people in large groups can cause undesired reactions. The same lessons can always apply. Please maintain a safe distance behind carriages and refrain from loud, disturbing noises such as honking. Overall, be respectful, courteous, cautious and patient. Have a happy and stress free holiday season of shopping.