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Plaza Midwood band releases first album next week

The Plaza-Midwood area of Charlotte offers funky boutiques and unique eateries.  Therefore, It's not surprising to discover it attracts residents interested in the arts and their community.  In fact, many of the parents at Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School are musicians and recently formed The Plaza Family Band.  Of note, the Plaza Family Band is releasing their first album of children's music, called Playground Hootenanny, next week! 

The release party will be on February 13 from 12-2pm at the Pizza Peel in Plaza Midwood and is open to the public. The party will have children's activities and a live performance.

The Playground Hootenanny CD features classic children's tunes, recorded in a variety of styles from folk to hip-hop.  Thankfully, it avoids that overly-produced, sweet sound found in so many other children's music albums. 

Businesses in Plaza-Midwood supported the cost of producing Playground Hootenanny, thus allowing for 100% of the proceeds from CD sales to benefit Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School.  In addition to the release party, the album can be purchased locally at Manifest, Common Market and Boris+Natasha (all in Plaza-Midwood), and online at iTunes and CDBaby.

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