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Plaza Las America's best windows for the month of March

Brooks Brothers Windows March 2014-Plaza Las Americas, San Juan, PR
Brooks Brothers Windows March 2014-Plaza Las Americas, San Juan, PR
Photos by Juan González/Stracent

A way for many retailers to communicate its strategy is through store windows. Store windows basically, let the consumers know retailers' product offering, brand direction, and provide retailers the ability to grab consumers attention in order to drive and generate store traffic and sales.

Plaza Las Americas, the biggest shopping mall in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, is one of those places to go to see eye-catching windows presentations. For the month of March, the Brooks Brothers store showcased the best windows in Plaza Las Americas.

The windows of Brooks Brothers really excelled this March. When you look the windows presentation, they tell a story. Besides that, it is worth to mention that the design of their windows properly brings the Brooks Brothers iconic American look they are known for. Another thing to highlight is the fact that working with classic mannequins is harder than working with full form semi-realistic ones, because you need to create the personality and attitude a classic mannequin lacks in order to communicate the message of the product and brand. Brooks Brother's visual merchandiser reached that.

Although Brooks Brothers windows do not have much depth, the way the props and mannequins are positioned, create nice dimensions that allow appreciate every detail. Mannequins and props positioning is a basic element that can not be ignored, because it helps to create the story and the dynamism any window presentation needs.

Finally, the lighting was on point. It made the products look vibrant and highlighted the focal points of the window presentations. Great job!