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Plaza Farmer's Market at Dukes Bread open on Sundays

Plaza Farmer's Market in Charlotte open Sundays
Plaza Farmer's Market/Facebook

Plaza Farmer's Market at Dukes Bread in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, is open on Sundays for those not able to get to markets other days. Many readers may remember that Dukes Bread opened in Plaza Midwood earlier this year.

Those able to visit Plaza Farmer's Market last week on the first day it was open know there will be several vendors at this market they may not see at other Markets. Several vendors who were at the market that first day, June 1, will be featured on this page in the near future.

Some of the vendors we were able to speak with included Cousin Mary Jane, Garnet Gals, King of Pops, Louie Dawgs, Malone's Greenhouse, Meshii Olive Oil Creams, Rooted In Nature, and Sassy Expressions, Other vendors may have been there and we were not able to speak with them because they were busy.

Plaza Farmer's Market is located at the same address as Dukes Bread in Plaza Midwood which is 1217 The Plaza in Charlotte. This market will be open on Sundays from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

A good crowd is always expected, so be sure to get there early for the best selections. Hope to see you there!

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