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PlayStation to unleash games on Android platform

Oh hai.
Oh hai.

During Sony's announcement of the NGP, they revealed plans to bring PlayStation games to the Android platform.

This is welcome news to those of us who are looking at Android as a viable alternative to the i-platform. Currently, the Android marketplace lacks in games truly worth playing - with the exception of Angry Birds.

Games like Infinity Blade on the iPad and iPhone make us Android owners green with envy.

Alas, things will soon turn around with the new PlayStation Suite. Sony points out that this platform is not just isolated to the upcoming release of the PlayStation phone AKA Sony Ericsson Xperia Play but will be available on all phones and tablets running 2.3 Gingerbread.

Currently the only phones on the market that are running Android 2.3 are the Samsung Nexus S and the HTC Thunderbolt.

As Kaz Hirai mentioned in the NGP press conference earlier today, "We will first emulate the first generation PSP titles to be available on PS Suite devices. It will also provide a new mobile framework for the development of totally new content."

At the same time, they'll be approving multiple devices to ensure a quality PlayStation experience. Perhaps this will solve the fragmentation of Android devices on the market. A trap that Microsoft is falling into with their Windows 7 Phone platform.

No release date or pricing are available yet.


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