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PlayStation Plus July 2014 Freebies

PlayStation Plus is offering a diverse group of games next month. Towerfall Ascension and Strider will be available for free download for the PlayStation 4. Towerfall Ascension is a classics inspired archery game. This game takes us back to a time when you didn't use the internet to interact with friends. Multiplayer gaming meant having a bunch of buddies over and picking up the sticks. If you are competitive this is a great game to dive into with a few friends. It is a simple two-dimensional game that is considered "easy to play" but "hard to master". This game pits up to fours players against each other to the death. This Ouya original has come a long way. Strider really requires no introduction. Strider returns with a whole new action packed adventure and a series of acrobatic moves that will make you blush.

Among PlayStation Plus July freebie offers
TowerFall Ascension

The new PlayStation 3 offerings are Dead Space 3 and Vessel. Test your survival skills when you crash land on an icy planet with only a few tools and your wits to fall back on in Dead Space 3. Play alone or join a friend in co-op mode. Vessel is a game all about free flowing liquids. You can mix liquids and elements and to see the dramatic results.

Last but not least PlayStation Vita's free Plus titles for the month, Muramasa Rebirth and Doki Doki Universe. Muramasa Rebirth is an RPG that mixes action with Japanese mythology, beautifully. Demons, samurais and other enemies try to destroy you as you try to fulfill your quest. And yes, you can be possessed!

Doki Doki Universe is the bizarre world where humans meet and interact with odd characters. Hopefully your journey will teach you more about the characters you encounter as well as yourself. You will visit 18 themed planets as well as take personality quizzes.

PlayStation's July PS Plus offerings trailer is attached to this article. Be sure to check it out!

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