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Playstation Omni will be a major time for gaming to mature

Do you think there is not enough diversity within the gaming industry's protagonists?
Do you think there is not enough diversity within the gaming industry's protagonists?

Protagonists in the gaming industry seem to be a bit similar and redundant, but with the creative opportunity and new round of consoles coming, could next year be the time when the industry begins to be a bit more inclusive?

According to a report from CVG yesterday, "Tomb Raider" art director Brian Horton talked about how the industry has grown up, but it still has a ways to go.

"As an industry we’ve grown up, but not enough to do everything you can do in films or TV. We made a conscious decision to make a bold storytelling choice and gameplay choice, to give that scene more emotional weight. We don’t shy away from the choices we made," Horton said.

Horton discussed how Lara would be able to show the industry something different and hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.

"I think that’s what’s really great about 'Mass Effect' for instance: you can choose to be female Shepard.

"You can choose to make the protagonist a heroine, but that’s not the way they market the game, right? It’s marketed as the male Shepard. So for our game, Lara stands alone in an industry of AAA third-person action games, in that it has the female hero.

"The challenge for us is, that now we’re making it more realistic, it starts to conjures up different emotions in people. They’re playing as Lara and she’s struggling – you have a mixed emotion.

"Before she was really just an expression of male energy in a female body. Now she’s both female and feminine, but at the same time very strong, has that inner strength, has those smarts – the things you associate with Lara Croft – but also with a little more texture," Horton said.

"Remember Me" is another game that is challenging the protagonist norm within the gaming industry.

Do you think there is too much of a redundancy with how the industry characterizes its protagonists? Will the next-generation consoles help inspire developers to think differently?


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