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Playstation Home

Playstation Home
Playstation Home

Playstation has a neat interactive place where you can go and spend all your money on stuff you can never touch. Home is integrated as part of the Playstation Network and is used for an online social networking agent that allows users to go online, when they are not using the Playstation for something better to do, and become part of this online community.

Sounds interesting and intriguing right? However, once you log in and create your little person so you can walk around main street, you see a lot of people not using Home for reasons that it was created for. Mostly, when you walk outside, you see people just standing there dancing in front of each other.

I was involved with a clan while playing Modern Warfare 2 some time ago, and the members of this clan used Home as a meeting place, and a place to grab new contacts and new members. They also used their houses as places to get together and chat, and talk about upcoming strategies and games that they had with other clans.

Mainly, Playstation Home is supposed to be an online social networking site, but sadly, you see people that have no understanding of this concept whatsoever. These people are easy to pick out because they will usually be doing the "robot" out in the middle of the street.

Home could have some upgrades I will admit. The theatre for one, could use some serious thought put back into that idea. Why not use this place as a real theatre and charge people admission to watch movies that are really out in theatres? Let us pay the regular ticket price, and have the movie upload on our television screen and sit back and watch it. That's what I'm talking about!

The bowling alley and game room could use some serious remodeling as well. Usually, its too crowded to even get your little guy in there, and if you do, you're not going to be bowling, or playing pool, or playing any arcades unless you stand in line for hours! Make some more places for us to play this stuff!

Home is a nifty idea, but for now, its just a place for social networking and talking. There is not a 100% chance that you will get a game of bowling in every time you go in the bowling alley. There is not a 100% chance that you will get in a game of pool, or an arcade game every time you go in there either. And who wants to go into that pathetic theatre? I guess that only other place left for us to go is the mall where we can spend all of our money...hmmm, maybe they did put a lot of thought into this!