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'PlayStation All-Stars' gets a massive balance update

We haven't heard much about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, since its initial release on the PlayStation 3 in November of 2012. Just when it seemed as though the company had forgotten about this title, Sony released a new update that greatly improves several of the game's core mechanics. This update, which was announced earlier this afternoon via the PlayStation blog, was accompanied by a new trailer that showcases several of the game's tweaks and adjustments.

Sony releases a huge update to better balance the game
Sony, SuperBot Entertainment

The changes featured in today's trailer include an improved throwing system, a revamped air dodge, better directional rolls and improved supers. These notable changes aside, Sony has stated that this update features over 100 improvements to the game's overall balance, which will span across every available character.

Sony has also announced a price cut for the “Graveyard Pack” DLC, which adds both Zeus and Isaac to the roster, along with a stage based on MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan. This DLC pack will be discounted to $1.99 until April 22nd.

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