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PlayStation 4 will receive 3D Blu-Ray support

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

The official Twitter accounts of PlayStation and PlayStation EU have officially confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will being supporting 3D playback of Blu-Ray titles during the final week of July. There has been no official date; however, it is expected to be released by July 31. Microsoft announced not so long ago that the Xbox One also will be supporting 3D Blu-Rays, but they have yet to give a timetable as to when the update will roll out. PlayStation 4 update 1.75 will be sent out to all players next week and then everyone can watch 3D movies on their PS4; however, 3D is not as popular as it was a few years back.

3D support was supposed to be a big hit back in the PlayStation 3's hayday because games like Assassin's Creed Revelations and Uncharted 3 had 3D support. Sony even released a bundle that included a twenty inch screen and Motorstorm Apocalypse that was intended to entice people into jumping on the bandwagon, yet it never caught on. Uncharted 3 could be played in stereoscopic 3D and it certainly was impressive. Without a doubt, it was one of the best looking games of the last generation and with the addition of 3D, it truly received another level of impressiveness. Although it didn’t blow my mind or by any means lead me to believe it would revolutionize gaming, it added another layer of visual fidelity that other games simply did not have.

Hopefully the world of 3D gaming will have a stronger chance of surviving on the eighth generation of gaming; however, at this point games will still be developed normally and only movies will be played on the PlayStation 4 in 3D. Be on the lookout for the 1.75 update next week, which will bring 3D support back to the world of PlayStation.