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PlayStation 4 update 1.70 expected to be released next week

PlayStation 4 upload screen
PlayStation 4 upload screen
Personal screenshot

With only a few system patches being released in the first six months of its life, the PlayStation 4 could be seeing a new update as early as next week; this update could be its best yet.

One of the top features of the PS4 is the ability to capture gameplay in HD; however, the only way to use it is to upload the screenshots or videos to Facebook or Twitter. With the 1.7 update, pictures and videos can be copied onto a USB drive and saves time and bandwidth. Along those lines as well, users can also turn off HDCP which will allow for HD capture cards to be used to record gameplay. Lastly, a small feature that will be added is a “rich video editor” which will allow for some changes to the videos, but there haven’t been many details on it thus far.

Possibly next week but almost certainly by the end of April, the PlayStation 4 will receive the 1.70 update which will allow for advanced gameplay recording choices.