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PlayStation 4 sales surpass 7 million units

7 million units since November is no small feat.
7 million units since November is no small feat.

It's a well known fact at this point that Sony's PlayStation 4 has taken the world by storm. Coming in with the best hardware, strongest marketing campaign and pre-release "good guy Sony" hype, the $400 price was only icing on the guaranteed success cake.

That success continues to this day, as Sony has announced that over 7 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold world wide since release, cementing the lead in the "next generation" console race that was taken back in February, when Sony broke 5.3 million units in under 90 days.

So it seems the pre-release sales prediction's for these platforms are coming true, with Xbox One holding its weight fairly well and the Wii U still struggling to gain traction. Whats your thoughts?

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