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Playstation 4 project Morpheus revealed

Sony unveils Project Morpheus virtual reality device
Sony unveils Project Morpheus virtual reality device

Sony has just announced their newest addition to the Playstation line with the virtual reality device dubbed Project Morpheus. So far, the prototype is mounted on the user’s head displayed with a white visor and black piece wrapped around the user’s eyes with a glowing edge. The announcement at GDC (game developers conference) also revealed that developers would be creating games soon with a prototype unit.

Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Playstation believes that the ever changing technology surrounding games will eventually evolve into virtual reality, and that the Project Morpheus is one of the devices to shape the future of gaming.

Project Morpheus is designed to work hand-in-hand with the PlayStation camera, DualShock 4, and the PlayStation Move.

Sony is so invested in Project Morpheus, it is currently working with NASA in creating a working virtual landscape of the surface of Mars. Six principles of virtual reality were emphasized: sight, sound, tracking, control, ease of use, and content. With these principles incorporated into the virtual reality, it is emphasized by PlayStation that they do not want the Project Morpheus to be considered a gimmick, but a new medium for gamers to experience.

So far, Sony announced that numerous developers are willing to develop for the virtual reality device, including names such as Epic Games and Crytek.

Thus far, Project Morpheus’ specs have not been revealed, though the prototype has a full 1080p display and 360 degree positional tracking. Other than an undersea demo, no games have been announced for the device though Sony revealed it to be compatible with Thief and EVE Valkyrie, the latter being a formerly exclusive game for Oculus Rift.

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