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PlayStation 4, Indie devs and Project Morpheus

Every since Sony's SCE President, Shu Yoshida, disclosed the existence of Project Morpheus developers have taken notice. Project Morpheus is SCE's virtual reality system prototype that works with the PS4. Yoshida shared that he has "dreamed about VR and the possibilities it brings in regards to game development. This new technology will deliver a sense of presence, where you as the player feel as if you're inside the game and your emotions feel that much more real".

Sony is making it easy for indie devs to create content for the PS4

Sony has been wooing indie developers in an attempt to draw them in. So much so that they have made it easy for anyone to create and self publish their titles on the PS3, Vita, PlayStation Mobile and now the PS4. How easy? Well according to Adam Boyes, "you just have to sign up". As if that isn't exciting enough, if you qualify as an indie developer, you can receive (loaner) developer kits compliments of Sony, this even applies to Project Morpheus.

Boyes states that "if you are working with us closely, then the [VR] dev kits are going to come through a loan program". However supply is limited, so he goes on to add that "we have to do what makes sense, as far as when we send it to different developers".

Excitement abounds, but Boyes has no problem giving us a gentle reminder that it is not yet a product, but he believes that giving these developers access serves a greater purpose in mapping out the future of the system. Which is why some developers are already trying it out and gaining first hand knowledge of the system. Giving developers access to these tools allows them to facilitate the needs of today's gamer and envision those of tomorrow. He says "we need to be agile, and allow them to get on the platform so those crazy ideas can come bear". They are doing something right because indie developers are flocking to add their titles to their consoles, Project Morpheus undoubtedly will be no different.

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