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PlayStation 4 1.70 update now available

The PS4 1.70 update is available for download. This will be the biggest download since the PS4 was released last November. There was a list of new features that will become available once updated. Such as SHAREfactory which allows users to edit their captured videos and save them to an external drive. Which will make uploading your videos to YouTube so much easier.

It will also include an option to turn of HDCP. Turning off HDCP will allow users to use their own capture devices. You will also gain the ability to pre-load games already purchased off the PlayStation Store. Apparently Watch Dogs will be the first game to support pre-loading.

They also added a cool feature that allows the user to control the brightness of the DualShock 4 light bar. You can now set it to bright, medium or dim. The touchpad has also been given a new use. It can be used to navigate the onscreen keyboard.

Sony also released a new update, the Vita 3.15 update. This update heavily focuses on assuring the Vita's ability to connect to the PS4. It introduces Automatic Device Registration, which allows the two system to be automatically linked as long as both devices are turned on and the same user is logged onto both of them at the same time. Sony believes this will make it easier to take advantage of their Remote Play feature.

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