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Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360

playstation vs xbox
playstation vs xbox
sony, microsoft, and google

We all love a good rivalry. It seems that from day one of these consoles coming out, they emerged rivals and competitors. But which console is the best? You will always have people that will have a high regard for the Playstation 3. On the other side of that coin, you will also have the same number of gamers that swear by the Xbox 360.

As far as playability, both are equipped with elements that have a great aptitude for a great gaming experience. The wireless controllers are a great step from the old ones that seemed to have us bound to the console. Gamers were tearing the cords out, ripping them out of the console when they walked by, and in general, messing everything up. The wireless controller took away a lot of aggravation for all of us.

They both have that same great graphics that are a must with hardcore gamers everywhere. The high standard that these two gaming giants have set for themselves exceeds far beyond our expectations. But they both went a step further. Both consoles have the relaxation mode in mind as well. Now, not only can we use these systems to play great games with great graphics, but we can also use these consoles for other things such as watching movies and surfing the internet.

I believe the decision of which game system is better could be decided on the multiplayer functionality. As we all know, the Playstation Network is free for all...and you just can't beat free with a stick, no matter what you do! The Xbox runs off of the Microsoft Network which costs the user money. Hmmm. Now, someone who didn't know anything about the two would automatically assume that the Playstation Network was better. But really, its not.

After the hacking of the great Playstation Network earlier this year, which left a lot of gamers with their you-know-what in their hand and their mouth hanging wide open for three months, we now know that this giant is not invincible. So do we pay for the multiplayer functionality which assures the user of great gameplay year round without hacks and lags, or do we make our decision based on the simple basis of a free multiplayer? Who knows? They are both great, but which one is better? I have no idea!


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