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Playstation 3 Shortage Genuine or Clever Marketing Strategy


Don't expect to see the Playstation 3 running along side him





Gamers can remember a time when Playstation 3’s stacked the shelves at local retailers, while Nintendo’s current generation console seemed to be a rare specimen.   This rare phenomenon often happened at the worst times, especially the holiday seasons.  However, two and a half months after the holiday rush is over, not only is the Wii hard to find, but Playstation 3’s have gone into hiding as well. 

Patrick Seybold, corporate communications chief, stated that Sony is working hard to ensure demands are met, but that does not help the customers that have been met with disappointment when they reach their local Game Stop or Wal-Mart and find there are no Playstation 3’s in stock. 

Does this mean that the Playstation 3 is selling well, or is it a simple marketing ploy hatched by Sony themselves to boost its demand?  This trick has been played before by other companies, notably Nintendo.  The Wii is scarce during the holiday season, but during the slower gaming months that take up the end of the second quarter and early third quarter, there is an abundance that sometimes will not make it into customer’s hands until October.  During the holidays, however, there never seems to be enough, and often times Nintendo will be ‘unable’ to send out consoles until weeks later, and it is not just limited to consoles (as seen with the scarcity of New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii). 

Has Sony decided to try their hand at this tactic?  The recent price drop, as well as rising number of Playstation 3 exclusives have certainly helped garner in a boost in sales, but many would not hold it past a company to limit supplies. 

To combat the rising demand, local Game Stops have begun to take reservations of the Playstation 3 and several other items, and the earliest shipment to arrive is scheduled for February 26.  The minimum down payment is $25.00, and while customers will have to wait, this at least guarantees that they will get this suddenly elusive console.

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