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Playlist: Top 10 questions raised by Arcade Fire's Grammy win

Grammy Award winners Arcade Fire.
Grammy Award winners Arcade Fire.
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Arcade Fire surprised a multitude of TV viewers when the three-time Grammy nominees took home the award for album of the year for The Suburbs. Pop fans and celebrities alike who have grown accustomed to such awards shows being based on popularity instead of merit were caught off guard when learning that the biggest award of the night had gone to an act they had never heard of, thus raising a number of questions. Many of those questions showed up on Twitter and soon a Tumbler page began archiving some of the funniest tweets from those unfamiliar with the band.

So, just who are Arcade Fire? They are a 7-piece indie-rock band based in Canada and they have appeared twice on Saturday Night Live. All three of their albums have been nominated for Grammys. The music video for “We Used To Wait” from The Suburbs is a ground-breaking interactive music video that utilizes Google Chrome browser to personalize your video experience with images from the address where you grew up.

The following playlist features songs whose titles represent some of the other questions being asked about Arcade Fire and their Grammy win as well as a few by Arcade Fire themselves.

To listen to this playlist, click the ‘click to play’ button on the left side of the page, then click on the player to hear all of these songs in their entirety.

Top 10 questions raised by Arcade Fire's Grammy win

  1. Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait
  2. The Who - Who Are You?
  3. Ben Lee - How Can That Be?
  4. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
  5. Talking Heads - Who Is It?
  6. Primus - Is It Luck?
  7. We Are Scientists - What Gives?
  8. Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
  9. British Sea Power - Who’s In Control
  10. King’s X - What Is This?
  11. Arcade Fire - Ready To Start
  12. The Dukes Of Stratosphear - What In The World?
  13. Blondie - Will Anything Happen?
  14. Ben Lee - What Would Jay-Z Do?
  15. Arcade Fire - City With No Children


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