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Playing the Race Card Again

Sarah Palin- please go away
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America is a racist country. And water remains wet.

One of the positive albeit painful ramifications of electing the first mixed race President is the discussion and behavior of the great unwashed. Or rather, our citizenry.

The President, who is half white but chose a black wife and church- those wily Kenyan Muslims- recently stated that some people hate him due to his race.

Or half race. Like half a marathon.

He also talked about the people serving the bulk of prison time in the failed War on Drugs are minorities and the poor- overlapping demographics.

This statement is supported by every statistic ever compiled.

But wait, reality star Sarah Palin says that the President is playing the race card.

(Just like Trayvon Martin did.)

Because no one has noticed that he has more melanin than any other Chief Executive in our history.

All the "tar baby" comments and "you lie" shout outs are coming from, what? a deep Christian faith?

If President Bush- either one- had accomplished a quarter of what Obama has done- facing the most ignorant and recalcitrant Congress since forever- folks would be peeling Reagan's name from airports and such with their bare hands and replacing it. With the man who righted the economy. Or killed Bin Laden. Or....

Obama has been stopped and frisked about his birth certificate for years. Not even revealing both versions has silenced the questions.

Two decades sitting in a Christian church did nothing to prevent the cries of Muslim.

Ted Cruz- born to a foreign father in another country has not helped Obama look like Uncle Sam in comparison.

We, America, need to talk about race.

Because Sarah Palin, there is actually a class war and a race war in our country.

The good news is that there are no skirmishes inre Christmas.

The first step is dialogue.

Thank you Mr. President.

And Ms. Palin- Chris Christie needs your sharp political insight.

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