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Playing nurse and patient with your mate during flu and cold season

Tea is full of healthy antioxidents that can promote better health.
Tea is full of healthy antioxidents that can promote better health.

It’s not sexy, but at some point in your relationship you’ll be confronting seasonal illness. If you or your mate brings home a virus, get ready to share the misery that cold and flu brings. Do you find it hard not to share the daily kisses that keep your romance alive, even when you know your guy or gal has a sore throat or other potentially contagious symptoms? Try to resist! If you can manage to stay healthy you’ll be designated as the nurse on duty.

Find out what the patient expects from your bedside manner. Some of us have cranky partners who prefer to crawl into a dark cave to ride out the fever, aches and nausea. On the other hand, your better half may want to be coddled and nurtured past the mucus, coughing and congestion.

To help speed up recovery stop by Georgia’s Farm to Market, formerly Sandy’s, on 12171 Katy Freeway. It may be a mystery why management changed the name of this delicious grocery meets healthy weekend brunch spot, but not much has visibly changed in the store. You’ll find products that will nourish, hydrate and soothe your patient from sweet fruit to an array of homeopathic remedies.

Most importantly, hurry to the amazing wall of tea. So many herbs, flowers and unheard of bits are carefully balanced into interesting combinations that it’s almost like looking into a witch’s pantry. You’ll find Astralagues (Astralagues membranaceus) that helps build deep immunity and resistance. The Herbal Detox blend contains milk thistle, dandelion, raspberry, hibiscus, orange, pau d’arco, lemon, ginger and finally stevia for diabetic safe sweetness. Lavender can calm nervousness and insomnia and Papaya Leaf works for indigestion and heartburn.  Throw a few pinches of dried tea into the Smart Tea Maker, add hot water and steep for about 10 minutes. 

Exotic tea and time together should help rally your darling back to good health until the role of nurse and patient is reversed.  Exceptional couples who are so much in sync that their illnesses coincide should take turns serving each other during individual moments of strength and weakness. Consider spending the weekend together on the couch resuming episodes of your favorite show which are safely hibernating within the DVR or escape with epic movies like Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring trilogy.