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Playing devil's advocate on domestic violence

Everyone has heard of a nagging wife who deliberately harasses her husband to push him over the edge. There are women who yell and scream at the top of their lungs in their partner's face on a weekly basis. The police would advise walking out on her. Go to a motel and find a new place to live, and hire a lawyer to get rid of her. Most men already know that but when they're trapped because they can't afford to move out and pay child support then they suffer in quiet desperation while their wives continue to torture them. Women like that are mentally ill but no one can force them to get treatment unless they become a physical threat. The important thing to remember when dealing with them is that it's the disease that's talking. Men don't understand that, and there are more than a few guys who will start hitting to make it stop.

Mentally ill women can be very manipulative and they know that men can go to jail for a very long time for hitting them.

It's to the men's advantage to suggest couples counseling because the therapist may realize that she's sick and break the bad news to her, prompting her to get the treatment that she needs.

My dad married a volatile Beast but he was a lawyer and when she backed him into a corner he knew how to get out. Firstly, he had put his house in their prenuptial agreement. When he decided to get her out of his life he called a moving company and a couple of men came over and packed all of her stuff and drove it somewhere. He did not find housing for her but he knew that her mom owned rental property and that she would end up there, which she did.

One thing to remember about verbally abusive women is that they won't shut up until they're 100% certain that they've destroyed their victim. They're relentless. There are moms who verbally abuse their teenagers until they commit suicide. A devil's advocate would say that punching them in the face would be a trivial offense compared to the amount of damage that they do. With that said, hitting is a crime and people go to jail for it, and so the wisest thing to do is walk away from her while she's talking (because she's not going to stop) and find a legal way to get rid of her.

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