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Playing computer games could help with addictions of another kind

Keeping your mind occupied by playing fast paced computer games may actually help you control your food, drug, or smoking additions by giving your self something other to do and keeping your mind busy on playing the game instead of over indulging in other not so healthy habits.

Playing computer games may help with illnesses such as memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and possibly mental problems like mild depression

There are many games on the market with small hand-held game consoles that you can take on the go with you to work or school. Playing for as little as 10 minutes will stimulate the brain and get your mind off your troubles.

For hyper-active children playing computer games may help calm them enough that they are able to concentrate better on their school studies.

People with depression may benefit by giving themselves something to do other than unnecessary worrying.

Most computer games are addicting and some are more than others. If you want to learn something like better memory or math solutions pick learning games over games that are just for entertainment.

Once you find the right fit with a game that suites your needs let the fun begin, sit back and enjoy your new found way of relaxing.

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