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Playing cards vs. astrology

Your destiny
Your destiny
Photo by Asim Bijarani

Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-transformation and healing. Astrology actually provides a blueprint for God's plan for our lives. The planets give us a spiritual metaphor describing our personalities, desire, emotions, ambitions and talents as well as our subconsious, past lives, our shadow side and our own undoing. The planets do not compel, they impel. They are merely a reflection of our lives here on planet earth.

There are some drawbacks to the art of astrology however. The system is complicated and can take years to learn. Interpretations vary greatly from astrolger to astrolger and some of the information we learn about ourselves can seem conflicting.

It is hard to imagine that a simple deck of playing cards can give us all of the information that we need to understand and transform our lives, but it is a fact. Playing cards originally came about to represent a calendar system of the earth cycles based on our life here on this planet. Laying the joker aside, there are 52 cards which coincide with 52 weeks in a year. Reducing the number 52 to 5+2=7 we have the number of the days of the week and the number of visible planets. Each card is assigned a number and when each card is added up the total is 365. One of those cards represents your birth card and another your planetary ruling card.

Using an advanced technique, a simple deck of playing cards has been used to calculate the exact movements of our planets in the solar system. This provides an extremely rich system for learning about ourselves and others and our relationships with them. Each card has a positive and less positive interpretation. It is then up to us to decide what level of the card we will manifest.

This is perhaps the most accurate system for help with relationships. It provides a very clear picture about how we and our partners will act out in relationships and how the relationships will play out. This system can even provide us with information as to how marriageable we and our partners are.

It should be mentioned that ultimately the choice is ours. We cannot be aware of choices when we are not even aware that we have choices to be made. Only consciousness creates the power of choice.


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