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PlayhouseSquare presents ‘The Intergalactic Space Nemesis’ live at the Palace

Prepare Yourselves Earthlings…something peculiar is coming to Cleveland! On January 30, 2014 “The Intergalactic Space Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel – Book One Target Earth” will be landing in the Palace Theatre for one show only.

Equal parts science fiction, radio play and graphic novel...and all parts fun!
The Intergalactic Space Nemesis

Billed as equal parts old school science fiction adventure, radio play and graphic novel come to life, “Intergalactic” harkens back to the bygone golden days of radio and Hollywood movies when audiences simply wanted to be entertained. In short, this is serious fun for the entire family (knowledge of radio shows, graphic novels and classic movies not required).

The show has been touted as, “Something you must see if you are a fan of awesome”, “Incredibly funny and entertaining”, “Totally nuts and a ton of fun…don’t miss it” and “Amazing!” This is a unique blend of voice, music, sound effects, graphic art and science fiction guaranteed to be an evening of high entertainment.

Here is the gist of it. Three actors perform live the voices of dozen of characters. They are joined on stage by a foley artist (sound effects genius) creating hundreds of sound effects and a keyboardist playing thousands (yes, that’s right, thousands of notes). Behind them is a two story high screen on which are projected 1,250 hand drawn, full-color, hi-rez, “blow-your-mind” comic book images (drawn by Tim Doyle).

In the show coming to the Palace Theatre, the year is 1933 and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Molly Sloan and her intrepid research assistant Timmy Mendez team up with a mysterious (and possibly from the future) librarian, Ben Wilcott. In the course of their adventure they travel through Romania, to Scotland, across Europe to North Africa where they embark on a trip to the Robot Planet (located in the Effdillinplitzenpire Galaxy), landing at last on Imperial Zygon. It is here they face the most terrible threat that humanity has ever faced; the invading force of sludge-monsters from outer space known colloquially as “The Zygonians”.

Can Molly, Timmy and Ben save Earth from this horrible onslaught? Will the Zygonians spell doom for these intrepid explorers? Is Ben really from the future and if so do they still use the Dewey Decimal System? All this and more will be answered at the exciting climax of this fantastic adventure.

About the Creator

Jason Neulander (current “Intergalactic” producer, director and high mucky muck) was raised in Fort Lee, New Jersey and spent his youth making frequent trips to New York City with his parents to experience the various museums and shows. He attended Brown University where he majored in Theater and received a Masters Degree in Theatre History. He formed Salvage Vanguard Theatre in Austin, Texas in the 90’s (where he still resides) and it was here that “Intergalactic” first came to life.

The show began as a short radio play with the Salvage Vanguard Theatre. Over the years it evolved in its radio play format until 2007 when Chad Nichols came on board as co-writer. In 2009, Jason left Salvage Vanguard Theatre to work exclusively on “Intergalactic” and in 2010 it premiered at the 2,400 seat Long Center in Austin Texas after the addition of the two story high graphic art.

Four years later there are two shows (“Book One – Target Earth” and “Book Two – Robot Planet Rising”) touring across the United State, Canada, Scotland, Italy, the UK, Hawaii with even a stop on Broadway plus a third book in the process of being completed.

Tickets are on sale now for “The Intergalactic Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel”, January 30, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Palace Theatre at PlayhouseSquare.

Purchase tickets online at, by phone at 216-241-6000 and at the PlayhouseSquare Ticket Office. Tickets range from $10 Smart Seats to $25. Groups of 10 or more call Group Sales at 216-664-6050.

PlayhouseSquare is a world-class, not-for-profit performing arts center, arts education champion and downtown developer.

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