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Players will change 'the attitudes of society' in 'inFamous: Second Son'

Excited to get your hands on Second Son?
Excited to get your hands on Second Son?
Sony Computer Entertainment

inFamous Second Son will be introducing a lot of elements and themes that ring true to life today, and when players get to the end of this game, how they've acted and the choices they've made will have changed the society of Seattle.

Recently, Sucker Punch's Nate Fox talked about how central the relationship between Delsin and his brother Reggie will be to inFamous Second Son, as well as how player choice will be the driving force behind how society does or does not change.

"The relationship between our hero Delsin and his older brother Reggie is very core to the story because Reggie represents the common man, and their attitude towards anyone who’s different – in this case – anyone with these powers who are kind of demonized in the inFamous world.

"Throughout the course of the game, depending on what sort of person you are, you change not only Reggie’s attitude, but the attitudes of society about anyone who’s different," Fox said.

With many elements of terrorism being present in inFamous Second Son it'll be interesting to see how similar or different they are from what we currently see in real-life. Often times, developers can use games as a means to convey truths about society today, and Second Son seems to be aiming for that.

The game was originally revealed this past February and we'll finally get our hands on it when Second Son launches on the PlayStation 4 this coming March 21st.

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