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Players will be able to switch between playing ‘Minecraft’ on PS Vita and PS3

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Fans can use the same save file across the Playstation 3 and the upcoming PS Vita edition of Minecraft when 4J Studios launches the handheld edition of the game later this summer. Because both versions of the game will run on the same engine, players will be able to transfer their progress from the console game to the portable system. Minecraft on PS Vita was officially confirmed to feature cross-save support the title’s Playstation 3 edition according to a report by Forbes on July 2.

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This will allow gamers to be able to save and load that same save file for Minecraft on either the PS3 or the PS Vita. This functionality will provide fans with the opportunity to continue playing a game world that began on the PS3 while away from home using the PS Vita. Later, gamers can access the same file again on their PS3.

In addition to giving the option to play the PS Vita and the PS3 editions of Minecraft on their choice of platform, those who already own the voxel-based sandbox title on PS3 will be able to download Minecraft: PS Vita Edition for free when it releases in August. This is due to the fact that the handheld game will also feature cross-buy support which lets players pick up a game on both systems with one purchase.

Adding even more extras to existing owners of Minecraft on last-gen consoles, fans will be able to digitally upgrade their current copies of the block-building game to upcoming Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of the tile that are scheduled to release at the same time as the PS Vita version. The new-gen hardware will introduce a number of improvements to the console title’s including larger world sizes and increased draw distances. Gamers will be able to import their last-gen save files to the Xbox One and PS4 but the ability to import saves is one-way.