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Players get their say tonight when Toronto take on Real Salt Lake

Nick Dasovic
Nick Dasovic
Quentin Fitter for Dennis Fitter

Look for a favorable response from players Wednesday night as TFC players get to show what they think of the team management shake out.

There is a mixed bag of opinion settling from the air over Toronto in the wake of TFC’s latest of house cleanings and the 2010 season winds down earlier than anyone who isn’t a hockey fan might ever have hoped for.

A fair summary of the comments in circulation goes about like this:
Mo Johnston was given the boot as GM too late.
Preki was shown the door as head coach too early.
Nick Dasovic is not the man to move into the fulltime position.
Tom Anselmi and MLSE doesn’t know what they are doing any which way.

The first of those is the easy one so let’s answer to it first.

Mo Johnston never should have been hired in the first place. He didn’t have the credentials and his record proves it. I can imagine the scenario at start-up. Anselmi’s first question to MLS would have been, “Glad we have the franchise, Don. Can you give me a hint on who we should get to run the team?” They must have been having difficulties getting MoJo out of New York at the time.

Fair enough. At that point Mr. Anselmi knew nothing about soccer.
Many say he doesn't now.
Give him credit for being a fast learner. In only four years he figured out Preki was not the guy Johnston should have hired to coach his Reds outfit. Mo in his lifetime in the game never understood that much.

Anselmi also knows a team has got to sell game tickets and for that you need to play attractive football. Maybe he talked to Jorge Vergara to get an opinion on that subject and the Preki hypo negativity.

Preki will never deliver more than middle table football.

Jorge Vergara, the Guadalajara entrepreneur owner of Chivas Mexico, Chivas USA and Saprisa Costa Rica and his Director of Football, Efain Flores did a housecleaning of their own in November of 2009. Preki was the first on their list to go because they knew he would never deliver anything more than a middle table result and bore fans out of the stadium in the process.

One day later Efrain Flores was in San Jose, Costa Rica where he announced a coaching change at Saprisa. He named Roy Myers to replace Justin Campos because, “Myers will bring the fans back into the stadium to watch this once proud team playing attractive, winning football.”

Twelve days after that, it was Vergara himself who announced Jose Luis Real Casillas as new coach of Chivas Guadalajara because, “Luis Real will give the fans the offensive kind of football they want to see.”

Nick Dasovic knows about the joy of football.

Nick Dasovic gets his chance to take the wheel. As it turns out, it is a good thing he gets it now and not last year when he was bumped at the last second by Chris Cummins. When I walked down the stairs from the press box with Nick following the Canada – Peru match he told me he was off to visit the family in Vancouver for “a week or so”. We all know why now.

I have known Nick long enough to know he is the kind of coach Jorge Vergara would like. He is the kind of personality TFC needs right now.

He will try to deliver the kind of football supporters want to see and his players will have the freedom of attitude to deliver it. If one thing is for sure, Dasovic is intent on teaching the kind of game needed to get through CONCACAF. He has an attraction to that ball control type of game. He understands the joy of football.

Too bad about the current MLS season though.


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