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Player/storyteller bio: Luke Wieser


Luke as Ted FreemanLuke has been involved in LARPs of one sort or another for over eight years. His first LARP experience was an Amtgard event, a boffer game that he felt played as much like a sport as a role-playing game. He was hooked on Amtgard for many years, but has been unable to play recently due to real life. He hopes to find the time to attend a NERO event at some point in the future.

After college, he began playing in the Vampire genre of Mind's Eye Theatre, in both independant and One World by Night games. In May of 2008, Luke moved to the Twin Cities and, through some mutual friends, met one of the Storytellers of the Obsidian Towers MET game and promptly started playing again.

Although he tends to play a variety of character types, a number of his recent characters have been variations on the reluctant vampire. His previous character, Ted Freeman, was a Caitiff auto mechanic who loved classic car racing. Because he had no clan, he was seen as an outsider and didn't really fit with any of the groups. He proved himself a valuable "citizen" after a time, but eventually fell in with the wrong crowd. In attempting to prove his worth, Ted sacrificed his life to save another. Luke wonders what Ted would be doing had he lived that night, but, due to the nature of the One World by Night organization, he will have to wait for another game to test the possibility.

In addition to playing LARPs, he has helped run Amtgard events, and is currently head Storyteller for The Chronicle of the Common Man. He has found that there are a number of players interested in the game, and the chronicle continues to grow.


  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Luke - Congratulations on being famous! Can I get your autograph? Don't tell Shane or he will be jealous.

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