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Player loses match at the SCG Seattle Legacy Open for having 'marked cards'

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SCG Seattle Open logo
StarCity Games

Due to an unfortunate circumstance, which occurred today, March 16, Daniel Baker (BUG Delver) lost a close match against Joe Lossett (UW Miracles) during the fourth round of the Seattle Legacy Open.

With the match already tied 1-1, Daniel Baker was given a game loss for having a marked card.

The event occurred while Lossett was trying to resolve a Vendilion Clique he had cast. Upon closer inspection of the cards, someone had taken notice that a double-faced card was being used within Baker's sleeves which were not opaque. For those of you who don't know, by using a double-faced card inside of non-opaque sleeves, a person can easily see the other side of the card through the sleeve. In this case, it is highly recommended, especially at a high stakes event, to use the checklists that are available because they contain the normal backs on the card.

Earlier in the match, Baker did have a checklist in place of the double-faced card. However, after he successfully cast the spell, he replaced the checklist with the actual card. In between games, Baker then forgot to switch back the double-faced card back to the checklist.

The judge who was overseeing the match stopped the players and discussed the issue with his peers. The end result was a game loss issued to Baker which, thus, resulted in a match win for Lossett since they were in third game of the match.

While the end results may seem bad, this is actually a common mistake. However, at these tournaments, players are held to a very high standard which means that there is very little room for mistakes.

This should serve as a reminder for all players to make sure that their sleeves and cards are within those standards. If you have any questions regarding your sleeves or cards, be sure to bring them to the attention of a judge at the event.

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