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Player Housing, Guild Ships and Shared Legacy Storage coming to SWTOR


Galactic Strongholds, a digital expansion for the SWTOR, is set to launch for Free-to-Play gamers in August and will introduce a number of new player and guild options.

Customized Strongholds

Player housing in SWtOR is being added a Strongholds, customized bastions of personal luxury for your character and his followers. Strongholds, and accompanying decorations, will be purchasable by both in-game currency and real money via the SWTOR’s Cartel Market. Players can also earn decorations, such as trophies by completing achievements, and some furniture items are rumored to be craftable.

Live Everywhere

Similar to Rift’s player housing introduced some time ago, Strongholds in SWTOR are available on most planets and take on the look and theme of that world, such as prestigious apartments in your factions capitol world or a high-rollers suite above the Nar Shaddaa casinos.

Guild Flagships

Of course Bioware’s most anticipated feature by Guilds, Guild Flagships, has the least amount of information supplied in this latest update. However, we can confirm that Guilds will be able to meet together within their own flagship instance come August. What is available on that ship is speculated to be the guild bank access and possibly a repair droid vendor similar to the ones unlocked on your personal starship.

New Prestige Score

Prestige will be a new “Score” system in SWTOR, which will increase each time your character adds a decoration to their Strongholds. A public ranking directory of Strongholds will be available on the official SWTOR website for those interested in making a name for themselves among the galaxy’s elite.

Legacy Storage

A new available unlock by in-game currency, legacy and Cartel Market for your character or account will be the Legacy Stronghold Storage which will be similar to your ship’s cargo hold, but allow for shared items across your entire legacy.

Not Subscribing?

If the constant in-game pop ups from every completed quest, inventory or vendor screen weren’t enough of a reminder that you’re not subscribing (or if you are subscribing simply a constant annoyance) we have some more treats for you. Subscribers as of May 11 will receive early access starting June 24 as well as a Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Stronghold and the title “The Illustrious”.

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